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The Durham Inspired Award

The Durham Inspired Award is about your personal development and enrichment.

True success at Durham is about more than obtaining a degree certificate and getting involved in clubs and societies. Completing the Durham Inspired Award will give you the edge to take into employment and into life more generally. This is the Durham Difference.
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About the Award

The Award is not necessarily about having to do more, it is about celebrating and recognising all that you will naturally do as a Durham University student. Our students take it for granted because it's happening all around them every day but, whether they realise it or not, their contribution to the Durham community is inspiring.

The Durham Inspired Award provides opportunities to better understand the value of experiences as they further enrich personal and professional development.

At Durham, we promote participation, critical thinking, leadership and citizenship. This Award helps you to integrate those experiences. Once you join our community, you will have opportunities to sign up and map, with your Development Coach, a path through the Think, Act and Grow elements of the Award.

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Starting your Durham Inspired journey

As a new student, you are encouraged to complete the Argument Clinic before arriving at University. This consists of ten short animated films and encourages our students to learn how to argue well and to construct a convincing and coherent case.

Once the term begins, you are encouraged to put what you have learnt into action by participating in college lectures, society debates and co-curricular activities run by academic departments. Of course, we understand that some students will not be able to participate until they arrive at Durham and transition into the first year of their degree programme. There will be a variety of opportunities to complete this step after you arrive.
The Argument Clinic
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