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Durham University Remembers Srebrenica

Remembering Srebrenica 2021 Castle

2022 marks the 27th anniversary of the culmination of the Bosnian Genocide in the town of Srebrenica. On 11th July 1995, 8,372 mostly Muslim men and boys were murdered in  Srebrenica. This was the worst atrocity committed on European soil since the Second World War. The Bosnian Genocide also saw thousands of people killed and displaced, and sexual violence used against women on a widespread and systematic scale.

In recent years, Durham University has collaborated with the North East’s Bosnian community in commemorating this horrific event through flying the Remembering Srebrenica flag and holding acts of remembrance. The acts of remembrance have included speakers who have shared first-hand experiences of the Bosnian War or the experiences of their family members.

On Sunday 3rd July 2022, Durham University commemorated the Bosnian Genocide. An interfaith commemorative event was held at the Castle at 6.30pm. The event was hosted by Prof. Wendy Powers, Principal of University College, and led by members of the University’s Chaplaincy Team. Smajo Beso, a member of the North East’s Bosnian community, shared his challenging and poignant first-hand experiences. A video of the commemorative event can be found here.

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