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Postdoctoral Funding Opportunities  

The Faculty is very pleased to support and sponsor applications to post-doctoral funding competitions from candidates working on topics relating to the wide range of research interests with our Academic Departments. The Faculty particularly welcomes applications to the following schemes:  

Applicants wishing to apply for an Early Career Fellowship are asked in the first instance to contact an academic member of staff with cognate research interests to discuss the possibility of applying. Please note that most post-doctoral applications are subject to an initial round of selection procedures within the University including the use of internal pro formas. In many cases, academic colleagues will work with candidates on draft applications in advance of funders announcing a current round of schemes; we suggest candidates draft initial expressions of interest-based on the most recent published guidance and adjust in light of the eventual call for funding.   

If you are interested in applying for a post-doctoral fellowship with the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, please contact the Arts and Humanities Research Team: