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Programmes Including Chemistry

Academic and safety requirements both limit the number of places that can be offered to study Chemistry. The Natural Sciences Programme is allocated approximately 100 of the available “bench spaces” each year. Therefore, if you want to include Chemistry in your degree, it is essential that you specify the subject on your UCAS form. Any offer we make will specify whether or not the option to study Chemistry is included.

When ordering your subject choices, if you only tell us about two subject choices and include Chemistry, or you put Chemistry first on your list of choices, then any offer we make will include the option to study Chemistry. If you specify subjects that you are interested in studying but do not put Chemistry first, it will improve your chances of an offer, but that offer may not include the option to study Chemistry.

For most subjects, you can finalise your choices up to or just after the point where you join Durham University; however, because of the limited spaces, if your offer does not explicitly include the option to study Chemistry it is vanishingly unlikely that you will be able to include this later.