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Faculty Officers

Name Position Email
Professor Stefan Przyborski

Acting Executive Dean &  Dean of Infrastructure 

Dr Sarah Wilbourn Science Faculty Manager 
Professor James Blowey Deputy Executive Dean & Director of Natural Sciences 
Professor Simon Gardiner Deputy Executive Dean (Undergraduate) 
Professor Jacquie Robson Deputy Executive Dean (Academic Student Experience) 
Professor Dagou Zeze Deputy Executive Dean (Research) 
Professor Alexandra Cristea Deputy Executive Dean (Postgraduate) 
Professor Junjie Wu Deputy Executive Dean (Global) 
Professor Camila Caiado Director of Interdisciplinary PGT 

Administrative Team

Name Position Email
Elizabeth Moore Faculty Administration Manager 
Judith Kerr Faculty Coordinator 
Emma Atkinson EA to Executive Dean and Faculty Coordinator Faculty Coordinator 
Helen Jackson Learning and Teaching Manager 
Matthew Barber Learning and Teaching Assistant Manager 
Audrey Bowron Learning and Teaching Coordinator 
Sarah Gwilliam Temporary Faculty Coordinator 

Digital Developers

Name Position Email
Adel Gordon Senior Digital Learning Developer Team Lead
Steven Boulton Senior Digital Learning Developer
Jennifer Gutridge Digital Learning Developer
Alexander Bowkley Assistant Digital Learning Developer
Paulina Young Assistant Digital Learning Developer