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Administrative Staff

Dr Karis Baker PoLNET3 Administrator
Mrs Joanne Bentham IPPP Project Coordinator
Mrs Lindsay Borrero Secretary
Miss Penny Carse Project Administrator
Mrs Clare Chadwick Finance Coordinator (Mon, Tue, Wed am)
Ms Clare Collyer Administrator
Mrs Claire Davies Department Manager
Mrs Deborah Dolphin Project Secretary
Mrs Trudy Forster IPPP Project Coordinator
Mrs Wendy Hedley Finance Coordinator (Wed pm, Thu, Fri)
Mrs Dorothy Jenkins Astronomy Support Secretary
Mrs Suzanne Joyce Finance Manager
Mrs Joanne Lakey Senior PGR Administrator
Miss Chantelle Robson Learning & Teaching Coordinator
Mrs Shufei Rowe Astronomy Administration Coordinator
Miss Emma Rusby Learning & Teaching Coordinator
Mr Adrian Skelton Learning and Teaching Manager
Mrs Lynne Wall Technical Assistant
Mrs Claire Whitehill CfAI Project Co-ordinator
Dr Gail Wilkinson Operations Coordinator
Mrs Linda Wilkinson Research Manager