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Key Contacts



Prof Paula Chadwick Head of Department
Prof Tom Lancaster Deputy Head of Department
Mrs Claire Davies Department Manager
Prof John Girkin Director of Research
Prof Daniel Maitre Director of Education
Dr Anna McLeod Co-Director of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
Prof Marek Szablewski Co-Director of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
Prof Kislon Voitchovsky Director of Facilities
Prof Kevin Weatherill Director of Postgraduate Studies
Prof Douglas Halliday Chair of Board of Examiners
Dr Ian Terry Chair of Health & Safety
Prof Alastair Edge Head of Astronomy
Prof Del Atkinson Head of Condensed Matter Physics
Prof Shaun Cole Director of ICC
Prof John Girkin Head of Centre for Advanced Instrumentation
Prof Ifan Hughes Head of Quantum Light & Matter
Dr Pippa Petts Head of Physics Education Section
Prof Michael Spannowsky Director of IPPP
Mr Wayne Dobby Technical Services & Facilities Manager
Mrs Suzanne Joyce Finance Manager
Mrs Joanne Lakey Senior PGR Administrator
Mr Adrian Skelton Learning & Teaching Manager
Mrs Linda Wilkinson Research Manager