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The COSMA supercomputer supports research across a number of Durham University’s research areas:

  • The Institute for Computational Cosmology- a leading international centre for research into the origin and evolution of the Universe. The ICC addresses some of the most fundamental questions in science including: What were the first objects in the Universe? How do galaxies form? What is the nature of dark matter and dark energy? Where does the large-scale structure of the Universe come from? What is the fate of the Universe?
  • The Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology- a leading international centre for research in particle physics phenomenology - the bridge between theory and experiment in the study of the tiny building blocks of all matter in the universe and of the fundamental forces that operate between them.
  • Centre for Extragalactic Astronomy- One of the largest astronomy groups in the UK and Europe, hosting world-class activities in observational extragalactic astronomy and cosmology, encompassing the formation and evolution of galaxies, clusters and large scale structure.
  • Department of Mathematical Sciences– Durham’s mathematicians are actively engaged with a wide variety of research areas, including Pure Mathematics, Mathematical Physics, Numerical Analysis, Probability and Statistics.
  • Department of Computer Science - Research into preparation of codes and hardware for exascale computing is utilising COSMA, including investigation into smart network interconnects and intelligent networks.