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Skills Sessions - Part 2

During the second half of Michaelmas term you will conduct the three further experiments in addition to an Enterprise Seminar. In these sessions you will develop the skills you have obtained earlier in the term as well as obtaining many more.

Report writing guidelines


LRC Circuits

This practical investigates a.c. circuits containing resistors (R), capacitors (C) and inductors (L).


In this session learn about semiconductors, investigate the current-voltage characteristics of diodes & experiment with the energy gap of silicon
Semiconductor image


In this session measure the acceleration of gravity, determine the gravitional constant, G, and minimise errors and propagate them via equations


Learn how to 'think outside the box', networking, and the ability of recognizing and seizing opportunities

An example of a session script can be found here.

What are the Aims?

Once you have completed the experiments and report writing activity in Michaelmas term, we believe that you'll have gained experience in the following skills. These skills will be required in later activities, both this year and beyond. If you do not feel confident with some of them be sure to use the resources below to catch up.


Experimental skills

Lab book skills

Error Analysis

  • Record observations
  • Comment on results
  • Highlight the conclusions obtained
  • Tabulate data
  • Sketch results
  • Plot graphs including plotting logarithms
  • Make histograms
  • Calculate the standard errors and for repeated measurements
  • Manipulate tabulated data within spreadsheets (e.g., using the ln function, etc.)
  • Linearise data
  • Propagate errors within a spreadsheet
  • Use Excel to create graphs with title, axis labels, error bars and a trend line, within 10 minutes!
  • Calculate a line of best fit and its error using LINEST