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Equipment provided for session

Wiring set-up for LR circuit

Wiring set-up for LRC circuit

Image of a theremin

A theremin

LRC Circuits

In this session you will have:

Used circuits containing inductorscapacitors and resistors

Practiced using an oscllloscope
Practiced building simple circuits

Understood how a radio works


This practical investigates a.c. circuits containing resistors (R), capacitors (C) and inductors (L). It builds on your previous experiences from Circuits 2 where you looked at circuits with resistors and capacitors and measured voltages using an oscilloscope. In this practical we are primarily interested in driven LRC circuits. In this experiment, you will investigate the response of circuits containing inductors, resistors and capacitors to different frequencies, and see what happens as the circuit enters resonance. You will investigate damping and oscillations which arise from the interaction between a capacitor and an inductor. By the end of the practical you will see how resonance effects are used to tune radios.


There is an oscilloscope guide available online


The script for this experiment can be found in the lab script book or on DUO.