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Astronomers detect first extragalactic star-forming disc outside of the Milky Way

An international team of astronomers led by our world-class Physics department has reported the first detection of a rotating disc structure around a forming high-mass star outside of our Milky Way in another galaxy.
Artist’s impression of the disc and jet in the young star system HH 1177

Single-person meeting pod opening.

A new single-person meeting pod was opened for use in the Ogden Centre West (OCW) building.
Single-person meeting pod opening.

The First Space Summer School for Postgraduate Students held at Durham University

In the last decade, the UK space industry has transformed into one of UK’s fastest growing industrial sectors.
Participants of Summer school

Dr Jason Anderson wins prestigious Institute of Physics Technician Award for 2023

A member of Durham Physics technical support staff has been announced as the winner of a prestigious ‘Technician Award’ for 2023 by the Institute of Physics.
Photo of IOP award winning technician Jason Anderson

Durham hosts new £10m supercomputer to investigate the Universe

We’re home to a new £10m supercomputer that will help scientists around the world investigate the mysteries of the Universe.
Photo of Chi Onwurah and various University academics posing with the new supercomputer

Dr Phil Gregory awarded prestigious Royal Society University Research Fellowship and the Institute of Physics Bates Prize 2023

Dr Phil Gregory from the Quantum Light and Matter (QLM) research group has recently been awarded a prestigious Royal Society University Research Fellowship, and is now the recipient of the 2023 Institute of Physics Bates prize for outstanding research by an early career researcher.
Dr Phil Gregory next to an optical bench showing some of the optical components needed to realise a state-of-the-art cold molecule experiment.

Condensed Matter Physics Research Section came together for an Away Day

The whole Condensed Matter Physics research section (CMP) in Physics at Durham came together for an Away Day at Ushaw House for training and development activities to strengthen our research capabilities and support career progression.
Images of CMP Away Day

New research opens avenues for more efficient and stable blue OLED displays

Researchers in our top-rated Physics department are world-leading experts in their field.
OLED displays in the lab

Using gravitational waves to hunt for dark matter

We’re part of an international team of cosmologists who’ve discovered that observations of gravitational waves might reveal the true nature of dark matter.
Two black holes move towards each other against a starry backdrop

Celebrating the next generation of North East Physicists

Physics students’ success from across the region has been celebrated at the recent School Physicist of the Year (SPotY) awards.
Student receiving a school's physicist of the year award

Durham research has a lasting global impact

We have launched a new Global Research Brochure where we shine a light on some of our incredible researchers who are making a difference in the world.
A globe with lines showing connections between different parts of the world.

Star bars show galaxies evolved faster than previously thought

Our astronomers have looked back more than ten billion years in time to find that the Universe’s early galaxies developed much faster than scientists previously thought.
Artist's impression of the Milky Way galaxy with a bright yellow centre and white spiral arms against a blue background.
Cosmic Ray Cosmo Simulation

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