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Photo courtesy: Science and Technology Facilities Council)

“Diversity of thought benefits everyone, but when the focus is on the short-term costs of making changes, disabled people are often deterred from asking for what they need.”

Current collaborator of Durham Physics  and former PhD student, Dr Adam Berlie, speaks about his experience being neurodivergent within an academic and research environment. Adam highlights the importance and benefits of creating an inclusive workplace to make sure that we empower individuals by having meaningful conversations around our needs and any adjustments that can be put in place, enabling us to thrive within our different roles. The wider topic of diversity and inclusion is something that belongs to us all, and within a vibrant ecosystem, we can all benefit from having a psychologically safe culture, allowing us, as researchers, to better question and solve current global challenges and problems.

Adam is currently a muon instrument Scientist at ISIS Neutron and Muon source and is Chair of UKRI Disability Network.


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