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How to Apply 

Applying for a foundation year programme is similar to applying for other undergraduate programmes, but has some key differences. Please follow our advice below to ensure you give yourself the greatest chance of success.

To apply you should:

1. Check that your preferred degree programme has a foundation year programme by by searching the University’s course database. This will enable you to see if your chosen degree subject is available with a foundation year. You can also use the University’s course database to find out more about the course content, the entry requirements, and other relevant information about our courses.

2. Check that you are eligible to apply. This step is essential because only applicants from under-represented groups in higher education are eligible to apply for the foundation programme. You may also wish to read the Foundation Programme Admissions Policy (see Resources, below)

3. If you are eligible and we offer your subject, please apply via UCAS.

4. Foundation Programme staff will assess your application and will either offer you a place, invite you for assessment and/or interview, or reject your application. Offers can be made unconditional or conditional, depending upon your circumstances.

Should you have any questions at any stage, please contact The Foundation Programme for advice before taking the next step.


FPAdmissionsPolicy 2023-24