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Your College Experience

One of the particular benefits of studying at Durham is that it is a collegiate university. Colleges play a vital role in supporting and developing your academic and social skills. They are also an important source of welfare support and guidance. 

Josephine Butler College has a long-history of partnering with the pre-sessional programmes. JB College opened in 2006 and we pride ourselves on inspiration, opportunity and excellent support. We are a vibrant, inclusive community from a variety of backgrounds and encourage all of our students to get involved. Josephine Butler College provides accommodation for pre-sessional students, but also a range of orientation sessions, social activities, weekend excursions and other experiences to help them better adjust to life in Durham. 

By choosing to apply for accommodation in JB College during your pre-sessional studies, you will maximise your ability to integrate into Durham university life and to excel in your studies.

Students sitting round a table in the College bar

I met many fantastic friends in the pre-sessional, and most of them remained good friends even after the course finished. Josephine Butler College supported us by organizing various activities such as Wolf Night, Harry Potter's Night and various travels. This period of life was so fulfilling that I believe I will never forget it.

Pre-sessional student