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At Durham, we are a global academic community, and we take pride in our unparalleled support for our researchers and scholars.

We are delighted to lead on the new £1.23m EDI+ national fellowship scheme alongside Northumbria University.

What is EDI+ scheme?

EDI+ is a network for energy researchers to tackle inequalities in research.

The scheme is being led by Professor Simone Abram from Durham Energy Institute and aims to provide extensive training to a number of researchers to make lasting changes towards a diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible research community.

The scheme has been funded by EPSRC, which is part of the UK Research and Innovation.

A step towards shaping tomorrow’s inclusive community

EDI+ scheme will challenge the biased practices in the industry and inspire under-represented groups.

It will also prioritise innovative approaches for making changes and provide opportunities for energy researchers from all backgrounds.

The scheme will offer selected training events to the wider energy research community, and provide access to a toolkit on equality, diversity and inclusion.

Additional activities will include workshops and presentations that will complement existing conference and research events, to maximise the reach of the network.

The project plans to establish an alumni network too.

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