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A person playing a piano

With a project spanning three years, Durham became the largest All-Steinway school in the nation in April. In the enviable position of having 61 Steinways throughout the University in both its Music Department and Colleges, all students, regardless of music experience, will be able to enjoy music at its finest, with these wonderful, world-class instruments.

A concert like no other

In celebration of this achievement, a special concert was held at the Mount Oswald Hub on  27th April. The concert featured 28 Steinways and showcased a variety of musical genres from a selection of musically talented students and staff. The event culminated in the performance of 56 pianists playing original music composed by undergraduate music student, Liberty Richardson. Liberty composed her piece specifically for the event, winning a competition to do so.  The quality of the sound and experience felt by the audience was unparalleled, marking a truly remarkable day for the University as it became an All-Steinway school.

Conducting a piano concert

The Sir Thomas Allen Spirio – an incredible Steinway

The star of the show was Steinway’s new Spirio – marrying the best in technology with the expert craftsmanship of Steinway to create an extraordinary piano with the ability to record and playback the artist’s recording. This amazing piano will reside in the Music Department and will give students the opportunity to listen to their practice immediately after playing, helping to develop their skills as a musician. The Sir Thomas Allen Spirio is a fabulous addition to the University and is possible due to the generous donation by Graham and Joanna Barker. 

The Sir Thomas Allen legacy

“This marriage with Steinway is the perfect combination…I can guarantee to all our students that they will have the best available to them.” Sir Thomas Allen 
The Durham-Steinway initiative marks the end of Sir Tom’s Chancellorship with the University – leaving a world-class legacy behind for future generations of young musicians. Donors are welcome to support the Sir Thomas Allen Appeal by contributing to the fund.

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