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Current Research News

Mapping the universe in 3D

We’ve helped design and build a new telescope instrument that aims to create the most extensive 3D map of the universe ever attempted.

Developed in Durham:

Developing world-class artificial intelligence for the medical, environmental and industrial sectors, now employs 11 people after being launched as a spin-out from Durham University in 2018.
Image of two founders of GiffAI

Inspiring the next generation of space scientists

We’re inspiring the next generation of astronomers and cosmologists to aim for the stars! Our research and expertise shapes a number of outreach activities, delivered by our students and staff, to encourage young people to get involved in science.
Outreach activities at Durham

Furthering the exploration of space

Durham’s researchers are helping to build some of the world’s most powerful new telescopes to further our exploration of space. Our astronomers and cosmologists are also involved in major international projects that will hunt two of the universe’s most mysterious ingredients – dark matter and dark energy – and investigate how the universe formed.
A telescope

Supporting business through astronomy

Durham’s astronomers and cosmologists are increasingly sharing their knowledge and expertise to support business. From washing powder to x-ray machines, our experts are helping to improve products for customers and enhance research and development in industry.
Washing on a line

Developed in Durham: Applied Graphene Materials

2020 was a year of transition, of changing mindsets and, most importantly, a year of evolution. Throughout this, our research continues to be translated into thriving spin-out businesses that will boost the North East economy for many years to come.
Applied Grapheme Materials