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Facilities and Equipment

Our research covers the breadth of the biological sciences, and we often work at the interface with other disciplines such as the physical sciences.  We have outstanding research infrastructure and equipment in genomics, bioimaging and mass spectrometry, and plant and animal growth facilities.

Amongst the cutting edge equipment available to our research community are:

  • The Microscopy and Bioimaging facility, where state-of-the-art instrumentation for projects requiring widefield and advanced light microscopy (LSCM / SDCM / TIRF), electron microscopy (SEM / TEM), and histology is available.
  • The core DNA Sequencing and Fragment Analysis Facility, housing Applied Biosystems 3730 capillary instrumentation, Illumina HiSeq 2500 and Illumina MiSeq, supported by a dedicated Bioinformatician.
  • The Cell Technology Suite, which provides a specialised environment for the isolation and analysis of single cells. Instruments are available for laser capture micro-dissection, flow cytometry, microinjection, live-cell imaging, in situ hybridization, and real-time quantitative PCR (QPCR).

The equipment is available for use by staff and students within Durham University; many instruments are also available for use by researchers from outside the University. For existing staff and students looking to book  instruments please use Clustermarket

Co-Directors of Infrastructure - Dr Peter EtchellsDr Elaine Fitches