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Internships and Visiting Scholars

In conjunction with the School of Government and International Affairs (SGIA), the Programme’s existing internship scheme is enhanced with the introduction of a ‘visiting scholar’ scheme in order to broaden the research base of the Programme and widen its research networks, both within the academe and beyond. Such internships are seen as long-term investment positions as through careful mentoring, such interns can help create substantive links back to Durham as they move on to career opportunities elsewhere. Links too with Kuwait will continue to be strengthened.

The encouragement of the donor for the further development of the al-Sabah Programme is recognition of the return on the investment to date, and acknowledgement of the measured ambition the Programme has for the future. Accordingly, the Programme provides a sound platform for both developing existing income streams where possible, and identifying future sources of finance to support the intellectual and academic development of wider School activity, not least in the realms of Middle East Studies and International Relations.

Current intern

Ms Alice Alunni