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Name Affiliation Research Interests
Camila Coelho Anthropology
  • Cultural transmission
  • Social networks
  • Capuchin monkeys
Esther Clarke Anthropology
  • Primate behaviour
  • Primate endocrinology
  • Primate vocal communication
Andrea Donaldson Anthropology
  • Primate behavioural ecology
  • Primate reintroduction technology
Emily Lake Anthropology
  • Behavioural ecology
Adriano Lameira Anthropology
  • Language evolution
Jamie Lawson Anthropology
  • Human sex and sexuality
  • Sex / gender; biological and social categories
  • Evolutionary approaches to sexual orientation
Simone Lemmers Anthropology  
Kesson Magid Anthropology  
Gaby Mendoza Nakano Anthropology
  • Rehabilitation
  • Neotropical primates
Jason Nadell Anthropology  
Kate Nowak Anthropology
  • Human-wildlife interactions

  • Ivory trade

  • Large mammal ecology

Bruce Rawlings Anthropology
  • Social learning

  • Behavioural innovation

  • Cultural evolution

Shane Richards Biosciences
  • Animal Behaviour
  • Conservation Biology
  • Life-History Evolution & Mating Strategies
Thom Scott-Philipps  
  • Cultural evolution

  • Evolutionary anthropology

  • Origins and evolution of language

Sian Waters Anthropology
  • Primate conservation