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Name Affiliation Research Interests
Andrew Allan Anthropology
  • Primate behavioural ecology
  • Vigilance
Judy Allen Biosciences
  • Quaternary palaeoecology
  • Pollen analysis
  • Quaternary palaeoclimate
Clare Andrews Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University
  • Early life stress
  • Animal welfare and cognition
  • Parental care and life history
Alec Ayers Anthropology
  • Neotaphonomy
  • Carnivore behaviour and ecology
  • Wildlife management
Bob Baxter Biosciences
  • Climate change impacts in terrestrial environments
  • Arctic plant ecology
  • Plant-atmosphere interactions
Rob Barton Anthropology
  • Behavioural ecology and sociobiology
  • Comparative studies of brain size and structure in relation to behavioural ecology
  • Evolution of mammalian reproductive traits
Nadin Beckmann Education
  • Learning and performance, psychometric assessment
  • Personality and individual differences
  • Within-person change and malleability
Alan Bilsborough Anthropology
  • Human evolution and cranial diversity in early hominids
  • The interaction of social and biological variables in human biology
Naomi Brannan Biosciences
  • Behavioural ecology
  • Stress physiology
  • Animal biotelemetry
Claire Branston Biosciences
  • Conservation biology
  • Avian ecology
  • Environmental change
Adrian Brennan Biosciences
  • Ecological and quantitative genetics of hybridization
  • Speciation
  • Invasiveness and plant reproductive systems
Stuart Brooker Biosciences
  • Conservation biology
  • Biodiversity and speciation
  • Behavioural ecology
Trudi Buck Anthropology
  • Applications of geometric morphometrics to human evolution
  • Biological anthropology from material culture
  • Early human migrations
Mike Burt Psychology
  • Evolutionary psychology
  • Facial expression recognition
Michael Carrithers Anthropology
  • Evolutionary bases of human socialities
  • Evolutionary and cultural transformation
Paul Chazot Biosciences
  • Novel drug targets for chronic neuropathologies
  • In vitro electrophysiology
  • Learning/memory; anxiety
Mike Church Archaeology
  • Environmental archaeology of the North Atlantic islands
  • Geochronological applications
  • Human / environment interactions
Zanna Clay Psychology
  • Evolution and development of social cognition and communication
  • Primate behaviour - great apes
  • Evolution of language, empathy and culture
Camila Coelho Anthropology
  • Cultural transmission
  • Social networks
  • Capuchin monkeys
Wayne Dawson Biosciences
  • Invasion ecology
  • Plant-soil interactions
Ellie Desmond Biosciences
  • Plant mating system evolution
  • Gene expression
Teegan Docherty Biosciences
  • Conservation biology
  • Avian ecology
  • African wildlife management
Helen Driscoll Psychology, Sunderland University  
Sarah Elton Anthropology
  • Ecology, palaeobiology and palaeoecology
  • Evolutionary medicine
  • Functional morphology
Leah Findlay Anthropology
  • Human-wildlife interactions
  • Primate behavioural ecology

Katharine Flach

  • Reproductive strategies
  • Cooperative breeding
  • Callitrichids
Alireza Foroozani Biosciences
  • Population genetics/molecular ecology
  • Plant mating system evolution
  • Use of NGS - RNAseq/RADseq
Shams Galib Biosciences
  • Aquatic animal ecology, behaviour, evolution, conservation
  • Behavioural and evolutionary ecology
  • Conservation biology
Lucy Gardner Biosciences
  • Conservation biology
  • Climate change biology
  • Species modelling
Michelle Gibson Biosciences
  • Climate change biology
  • Conservation planning
  • Nomadic bird ecology
Sian Green Anthropology
  • Mammal conservation
  • Camera trapping
  • Citizen science
Ben Gruwier Anthropology
  • Archaeozoology
  • Functional morphology
  • Palaeoanthropology
Steve Higgins Education  
Elana Hobkirk Biosciences
  • Animal behaviour
  • Animal communication
  • Canid behaviour
Rus Hoelzel Biosciences
  • Evolutionary biology
  • Population genetics and molecular ecology
  • Behavioural ecology
Christine Howard Biosciences
  • Avian population biology
  • Species distribution modelling
  • Environmental change
Pen-Yuan Hsing Biosciences
  • Developing a wild mammal monitoring network in the UK
Brian Huntley Biosciences
  • Biogeography
  • Ecology
  • Biodiversity impacts of environmental change
Ramona Irimia Biosciences
  • Invasive plant evolution
  • Quantitative genetics
Jeremy Kendal Anthropology
  • Social transmission and population dynamics
Rachel Kendal Anthropology
  • Social learning
  • Behavioural innovation
  • Cultural evolution
Viven Kent Anthropology; Durham Wildlife Trust  
Marc Knight Biosciences
  • Evolution of cold sensing and tolerance in plants
  • Evolution of cellular calcium signalling mechanisms
Fire Kovarovic Anthropology
  • African Plio-Pleistocene palaeoecology
  • Early hominin environments and methods for reconstructing habitats
  • Faunal community ecology
Bob Layton Anthropology
  • Anthropology and archaeology of art in non-literate societies
  • Evolution of social behaviour
  • Indigenous land rights
Simone Lemmers Anthropology
  • Life history
  • Hard tissue histology
Steve Lindsay Biosciences
  • Host-vector dynamics
  • Malaria and climate change
  • Malaria transmission and the environment
Angus Lothian Biosciences
  • Aquatic animal ecology, behaviour, evolution, conservation
  • Behavioural and evolutionary ecology
  • Conservation biology
Martyn Lucas Biosciences
  • Biology of introduced and invasive aquatic animals
  • Conservation biology of aquatic animals
  • Ecology, behaviour and respiratory physiology of fish
Anthony McGregor Psychology
  • Spatial learning
  • Animal cognition
  • Learning and memory
Pedro Mendez-Carvajal Anthropology
  • Primate conservation
  • Panamanian primates
Evalyne Muiruri Biosciences
  • Biodiversity-ecosystem functioning
  • Multitrophic interactions
  • Avian predation
Lynn Newton Education  
Naiara O'Mahony Biosciences
  • Migration ecology of birds
  • Climate change
  • Species distribution modelling
Rebecca Owens Psychology
  • Evolutionary psychology
  • Relationships
  • Sexual behaviour
Jonathan Rees Biosciences
  • Automation of camera trap analysis
  • Combining computer vision and citizen science
  • Mammal conservation
Ian Rickard Anthropology
  • Human biology
  • Individual variation
  • Life history theory
Angus Rosenburgh Biosciences
  • Peatland and heathland ecology
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Applied ecological restoration
Alice Rowland Biosciences
  • Adaptation to extreme environments
  • Evolutionary biology
  • Molecular ecology
Pete Rowley-Conwy Archaeology
  • Earlier 19th-century Scandinavian archaeology
  • Bones and plants from archaeological sites
  • Hunter-gatherers, origins of agriculture, early agriculture
David Sanderson Psychology
  • Learning and memory
Courtney Shuert Biosciences
  • Animal behaviour
  • Individual variation
  • Pinniped biology
Martin Smith Earth Sciences
  • Evolutionary radiations
  • Evolution of ecosystem dynamics through geological time
  • Phylogenetics
Sally Street Anthropology
  • Cognition, culture, behaviour, ecology, evolution
  • Phylogenetic comparative methods
  • Anthropogenic biases
Jingrui Sun Biosciences
  • Aquatic animal ecology, behaviour, evolution, conservation
  • Behavioural and evolutionary ecology
  • Conservation biology
Jamie Tehrani Anthropology
  • Cultural evolution
  • Phylogenetic analysis of culture
  • Social learning
Mark Titley Biosciences
  • Climate change and land-use change
  • Conservation policy
  • Macroecology
Jeroen Tummers Biosciences
  • Aquatic animal ecology, behaviour, evolution, conservation
  • Behavioural and evolutionary ecology
  • Conservation biology
Cameron Turner Education
  • Mechanisms of observational learning and culture
  • Biological (evolutionary and neuroscientific) approaches to human social behaviour
Sean Twiss Biosciences
  • Animal behaviour
  • Causes and consequences of individual variation in behaviour
  • Pinniped behavioural ecology
Stefano Vaglio Anthropology
  • Conservation and human-wildlife interactions
  • Human behaviour and ecology
  • Primate behaviour and ecology
Alke Voskamp Biosciences
  • Species distribution modelling
  • Environmental change
  • Conservation planning
Kate Wall Education
  • Social learning
  • Development of cognition and metacognition
  • Mediating tools
Sian Waters Anthropology
  • Primate conservation
Dave Weinkove Biosciences
  • Ageing
  • Host-microbe interactions
  • Model organisms
Andreanna Welch Biosciences
  • Evolutionary biology
  • Population and ecological genetics
  • Ecological genetics
Mark White Archaeology
  • History of Palaeolithic Archaeology
  • Lower and Middle Palaeolithic Britain & Europe
  • Palaeolithic stone tools
Steve Willis Biosciences
  • Biodiversity impacts of climate change
  • Invasive species
  • Biodiversity conservation
Miles Woodruff Anthropology
  • Primate conservation
  • Primate rehabilitation and reintroduction