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A selection of recent books by members of the Centre. 

Why? The Purpose of the Universe

Why are we here? What's the point of existence? In this pioneering work, Philip Goff argues that it is time to move on from both God and atheism.
Cover of book Why?

Generations: Age, Ancestry and Memory in the English Reformations

Alexandra Walsham's book explores the interconnections between age, ancestry and memory in the English Reformation.
Cover of book Generations

Philosophy of Psychiatry

Sam Wilkinson's book is the first introductory textbook of its kind devoted to the philosophy of psychiatry.
Cover of book Philosophy of Psychiatry

Being You: A New Science of Consciousness

Anil Seth's book explores how our brains work to create our conscious experience.
Cover of book Being You

Beckett and the Cognitive Method

Marco Bernini's book argues that Samuel Beckett's narrative work can be understood as a way of modelling the human mind.
Beckett & the Cognitive Mind

How God Becomes Real

Tanya Luhrmann's book is about the hard work required to make God real, how it changes the people who do it, and why it helps explain the enduring power of faith.
Cover of book How God Becomes Real

Galileo's Error

Philip Goff's book traces the problem of consciousness back to the intellectual foundations of the scientific revolution, and defends panpsychism.
Cover of book Galileo's Error

The Voices Within

Charles Fernyhough's book is about inner speech and voice-hearing. It is published in the UK by Profile/Wellcome Collection and in the US by Basic Books.
Cover of book The Voices Within