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Subjective experience of remembering

Autobiographical memory – our memory for the events of our own lives – is understood scientifically as an act of reconstruction rather than reproduction, which draws on many different cognitive and neural processes in creating a representation of a past event.

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Our team works to understand the neural bases of these experiences, as reviewed in this recent article for Annual Review of Psychology.

We have argued that understanding the subjective quality of acts of remembering requires an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on methods and concepts from the arts and humanities as much as the natural and social sciences. We set out the rationale for this approach in this article for Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences

We have engaged extensively with the print and broadcast media on this topic, as in this special supplement for the Guardian

We convene an interdisciplinary Memory Club group centred in Cambridge, as described in this piece for the Emmanuel College Magazine. Please get in touch if you would like more details.