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Mian Faisal with his research poster, talking to another student

Mian Faisal, a first-year PhD student in CMP, attended the Ustinov Annual Conference 2023, which this year has been centred on Sustainability and Renewable Energy. His poster entitled “MoS2 Grown Carbon Cloth as a Pseudo Capacitive Electrode Material for Flexible Supercapacitors” was selected among the top three posters of the event.

Mian's research work was much appreciated by all the reviewers due to its impactful application in the future of human life and the adaptability of renewable sources for portable and flexible electronics. Along with the recognition, he was awarded a cash prize for his poster presentation.

The event was hosted by Ustinov College, Durham University on 15 June 2023. More information on the event can be found here. As well as talks from three eminent keynote speakers, the afternoon comprised a series of oral presentations about research on renewable energy. Mian says 'It was fantastic to hear the keynote speakers talks about transition towards a sustainable future, challenges and adoptability in renewable energy.'

The day included a poster session where all the posters presented were evaluated by 4 Reviewers and marked accordingly.