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Research and Scholarly Activity

As a solely postgraduate community, Ustinov College provides a unique and vibrant academic environment where Ustinovians engage in dialogue and debate across different cultures and disciplines. The Global Citizenship Programme includes the Café Politique, Café Scientifique, Café des Arts, the Ustinov Seminar, and Race Crime and Justice teams, who organise seminars and debates with academics, activists and research students to share their research or insights on topics of interest. In addition, the Ustinov Annual Conference was set up in 2015 to explore the intersection of academic theory and real life practice.

Academic staff from across different departments of Durham University and beyond are members of our Senior Common Room which organises discussion groups on hot topics, careers seminars for future academics, and aims to provide support and mentoring research students.


Ustinov Annual Conference 2021

Global Migration: Rights, Policies and Gender

After the success of Ustinov Annual Conference in 2020 on ‘Global Health and Human Rights: Exploring Contemporary Experiences of Women’, Ustinov College is happy to announce that we are organizing an international conference on the theme of ‘Global Migration: Rights, Policies and Gender’ in the summer of 2021.

This year’s Ustinov Annual Conference explores the topic of migration with respect to rights, citizenship laws, culture, race and gender justice among other factors which persist on this continuum.

The conference aims to cover the various causes of migration, its multifaceted process and impact on individuals, families, communities and societies at large. 

Registration is now CLOSED! 

We are delighted to open registration for the Ustinov Annual Conference 2021. This virtual conference is going to be held on Saturday, 26th June 2021 from 09:30 to 15:30.  

This year’s theme is ‘Global Migration in Practice: Rights, Policies and Gender’ and focusses on identifying multifaceted intersecting issues in relation to migration, policies, law, human rights, politics, economics and gender.  The purpose of the conference is to link migration, as a process and as an experience, with rights, policies and gender.

We are delighted to welcome two keynote speakers and several early career researchers to present their research at this year’s event. Please see the below brochure for more information.

Ustinov Annual Conference brochure 2021

For further information, please contact:

We look forward to welcoming you at the Ustinov Annual Conference, 2021.