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About Us

Durham University has promoted Chinese Studies and the Chinese language for over 40 years and is firmly established as the regional Centre for Chinese Studies in the North East of England.

The Centre was established in 1999 to consolidate and develop existing research on the society, culture, economy and business of Chinese Studies. The Centre brings together academic specialists on Chinese Studies from many disciplines, including Business, Education, Law, Modern Languages and Culture, Geography, and Government and International Affairs. The Centre gains greatly from having one of the UK's most significant collections on China and East Asia in Durham University Library.
Our research
The Forbidden City in Beijing, China


The Centre's core aims are: 

  • to enhance and expand internationally recognised research on all aspects of contemporary Chinese Studies and the overseas Chinese communities 

  • to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the development of scholarship and learning on Chinese Studies 

  • to promote research and training opportunities in Chinese Studies for students at all levels 

  • to enhance global outreach and impact on contemporary Chinese Studies.