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Postgraduate Study

We welcome doctoral students who wish to study China and East Asia at Durham.

We are active across many departments in the University.
Previous PhD dissertation topics
Nianjing Road in China

PhD dissertations supervised by our members: 


Dai, Yang (2017) Managing the Managed Float in China. Doctoral thesis, Durham University. 

Li, He (2017) Foreign Exchange Intervention in China. Doctoral thesis, Durham University. 

Zhang, Chuanjie (2017) Foreign Reserve Accumulation in ChinaA DSGE Analysis of Main Motivations and Their Relative Contributions. Doctoral thesis, Durham University. 


Chen, Shi (2016) Asymmetric Structure of Mutual Distrust and the “Locked” Sino-Japanese Relations. Doctoral thesis, Durham University. 

Collingson, James, Stuart (2016) Spectral and Temporal Studies of Supermassive Black Holes. Doctoral thesis, Durham University. 

Contreras-Luna, Rafael (2016) Russia's Great Power Ambitions: The Role of Siberia, the Russian Far East, and the Arctic in Russia's Contemporary Relations with Northeast Asia. Doctoral thesis, Durham University. 

Dutta, Madhumita (2016) Gendering Labour Geography: Mapping women’s world of labour through everyday geographies of work-life at a Special Economic Zone in Tamil Nadu, India. Doctoral thesis, Durham University. 

Huang, Jin (2016) Working Styles of Student Translators in Revision and Post-editing: an Empirical-Experimental Study with Eye-tracking, Keylogging and Cue-based Retrospection. Doctoral thesis, Durham University. 

Huang, Mingjian (2016) Microstructure Analysis of Price Discovery, Information-based Trading and Intervention in Foreign Exchange Markets. Doctoral thesis, Durham University. 

Sunuodula, Mamtimyn (2016) Multilingualism, Language Policy and Negotiation of Uyghur Identity. Doctoral thesis, Durham University 


Powcharoen, Phan-Orn (2015) Rationality or Irrationality? Deterrence in the Survival Strategy of the North Korean Regime. Doctoral thesis, Durham University 

Zhang, Zhuang (2015) Optimal Foreign Reserves, The Dollar Trap and Demand for Global Safe Assets: A DSGE analysis for China. Doctoral thesis, Durham University