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Research and Engagement Unit

Cross-sector engagement and the development of new collaborative research proposals are a key focus of the DRP-MH. 

Evelyn Tehrani (Senior Manager, Research and Engagement) will work with Lab Leads to identify, sustain and develop relationships with potential research partners. This will include communities with lived experience of illness and disability, NHS and voluntary sector organisation, partner academic units, networks and institutions nationally and internationally. 

Evelyn will also develop learning and training opportunities to equip medical humanities researchers with the skills to support cross-sector partnership development and to effect policy or social change through their research. This will include cross-sector placement opportunities and a workshop series focused on sharing and developing innovative cross-sector research skills. 

A Strategic Engagement Advisory Group led by Evelyn Tehrani and Akiko Hart will advise on how platform activity and training engages non-academic partners. Membership of the group will include research leads from voluntary, health and academic sectors.