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Current Research Programmes

  • Development and application of new image analysis and processing technologies
  • Application and development of advanced photonics and optical technologies, especially non-linear imaging, deep optical sectioning microscopy and adaptive optics for image correction
  • Imaging of beating Zebra fish hearts using Single Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM)
  • The imagining of structural protein ensembles and their modifications (Project with Proctor and Gamble)
  • Development of circularly polarised luminescence microscopy and Responsive CPL Probes
  • Water soluble, non-toxic stains and responsive ratiometric probes
  • Establishing fast spectral imaging methods for cellular analysis using portable CCD technology
  • The contribution of the notch pathway, a key developmental regulator, to scarring alopecias
  • Endocytic invagination and vesicle Scission
  • Determination of the mechanism of cytoskeletal reorganisation in response to pathogen infection
  • Sensitivity of the lens epithelium to ionising radiation
  • Modelling the vertebrate eye lens
  • Harnessing lens regeneration to control
  • Microbes metabolism and aging
  • The role of diet and gastrointestinal microbes in animal aging and metabolism
  • How cell division varies with cell identity
  • Novel high temporal and spacial imaging tools and methodologies for melanosome trafficking and collagen deposition
  • Development of Bioimaging approaches to Biomechanics