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Director: Patrick Hussey  
(Department of Biosciences) - Expertise in plant cell biology, imaging and cell signalling.

Deputy Director: Tim Hawkins 
(Department of Biosciences) - Expertise in biological application of advanced light microscopy, plant cell biology. The cytoskeleton; its dynamics, organization and accessory proteins.


Department of Biosciences

Carrie Ambler  Expertise in imaging mammalian cells and tissues, cell-cell interactions, regulation of skin stem cells, signalling.

Tim Davies  Expertise in live-cell imaging of C. elegans cell division and development; in vitro and in vivo imaging of the actin and microtubule cytoskeleton."

Martin Goldberg Expertise in scanning and transmission electron microscopy, light microscopy, nucleo-cytoplasmic transport, membrane trafficking

Iakowos Karakesisoglou  Expertise in imaging mammalian cytoskeleton, nuclear envelope and nucleoplasm. Embryonic stem cells, aging, genome instability and tissue and organ formation.

Stefan Przyborski  Expertise in animal cell biology, development and commercialisation of technologies to enhance cell growth and function in vitro.

Roy Quinlan  Expertise in chaperones, cytoskeleton, biophysics of intermediate filaments; lens transparency and function.

Olena Riabinina  Expertise in the visualisation of specific genetically-labelled neuronal subpopulations in Drosophila and mosquitoes. GCamp imaging from olfactory neurons in mosquito larvae and adults.

Christine Richardson  Expertise in scanning and transmission electron microscopy, light microscopy.

David Weinkove  Expertise in C. elegans biology, cell signalling, ageing and interactions with E. coli. Whole organism live imaging

Department of Chemistry

Lars-Olof Palsson  Expertise in optical microscopy and spectroscopy, functionalised optical probes for sensing in biological systems.

David Parker Expertise in probe design and mechanisms of action

John Sanderson  Expertise in novel labelled amphiphiles (e.g. lipids); protein labelling for microscopy. Labelled synthetic vesicles on all size scales as model membranes.

A. Gareth Williams  Expertise design, synthesis and photophysical characterisation of new metal-containing luminescent probes; development time-resolved emission imaging microscopy (TREM) and time-gated elimination of background fluorescence

Rob Pal  Expertise in development of bespoke optical instrumentation and light activated cell type specific molecular nanomachines.

Department of Physics

John Girkin Expertise in development of novel optical microscopes, especially non-linear imaging, optical sectioning microscopy and adaptive optics for image correction.

Gordon Love  Expertise in imaging and adaptive optics. Optical physicist

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Bernard Piette  Expertise in mathematical and physical modelling of biological systems

Industrial Partners

Jennifer Marsh, Micheal Flagler & Matthew Erman (Proctor & Gamble)