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Research Topics and Activities  

Crop protection and yield improvement 

  • Ubiquitin pathways leading to crop host immunity
  • Toxic fusion proteins for control of mollusc and insect pests of crops
  • Molecular basis of freezing tolerance
  • Using cellular metal ions for control of pathoens
  • The role of the cytoskeleton in crop pathogen resposes
  • The role of extracellular ATP in pathogen responses
  • ADAPT – Accelerated Development of multiple-stress tolerant Potato. Manipulating root growth to improve yield
  • Calcium signalling in stress tolerance and plant productivity
  • The role of stress gene activation in crop protection. 

Industrial biotechnology 

  • The molecular basis of multiple herbicide resistance in grass weeds
  • New chemistries for weed control
  • Metal detection using transcriptional regulators
  • Production of renewable ricinoleic acid for the polymer industry.