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Our people

Meet the team

Dr Adrian Brennan

Expertise: Ecological Genetics

Professor Martin Cann

Expertise: carbon dioxide sensing

Dr Steve Chivasa

Expertise: Plant Molecular Biology & Algal Biology

Dr Miguel de Lucas

Expertise: The role of chromatin in controlling plant development
Miguel de Lucas

Dr Peter Etchells

Expertise: Plant Developmental Biology

Professor Elaine Fitches

Expertise: Protection of crops against invertebrate pests

Dr Tim Hawkins

Expertise: Bioimaging and advanced microscopy
Dr Tim Hawkins

Professor Patrick Hussey

Expertise: Structure, function and regulation of the cytoskeleton, cell structure and cell viability in response to biotic and abiotic stresses

Professor Ian Jermyn

Expertise: Bayesian statistics, image processing and computer vision, in particular shape and texture for classification and segmentation
Professor Ian Jermyn

Professor Karen Johnson

Expertise: Soil Science
Professor Karen Johnson Head Shot

Professor Heather Knight

Expertise: Gene transcription and plant freezing stress responses

Professor Marc Knight

Expertise: Abiotic and biotic stress and cell signalling pathways

Professor Keith Lindsey

Expertise: Plant genetics, plant development and plant tissue culture and transformation

Dr Junli Liu

Expertise: Systems biology and mathematical modelling

Professor Ehmke Pohl

Expertise: Solving three-dimensional structures of proteins associated with virulence and disease

Professor Nigel Robinson

Expertise: Cell biology of metals
Professor Nigel Robinson

Professor Ari Sadanandom

Expertise: Post-translational regulation of proteins involved in abiotic and biotic stresses
Photo of Professor Ari Sadanandom

Professor Patrick Steel

Expertise: Bioactive small molecule synthesis, molecular probes of cellular processes
Professor Patrick Steel

Professor Jen Topping

Expertise: Single-cell isolation
Dr Jen Topping