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This is a list of the most recent research publications by members of Durham CELLS. Full publication lists can be obtained by visiting the appropriate staff web page. Open access copies of the publications are available via Durham Research Online.

Books authored

  • Beyleveld, Deryck & Düwell, Marcus (2020). The Sole Fact of Pure Reason: Kant’s Quasi-Ontological Argument for the Categorical Imperative. De Gruyter.
  • Fairgrieve, Duncan & Goldberg, Richard (2020). Product Liability. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Brooks, Thom (2020). Climate Change Ethics for an Endangered World. Routledge.
  • Pattinson, Shaun D. (2020). Medical Law and Ethics. 6th ed., London: Sweet & Maxwell.
  • Sariola, S & Simpson, B (2019). Research as Development Biomedical Research, Ethics, and Collaboration in Sri Lanka. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.
  • Pattinson, Shaun D. (2018). Revisiting Landmark Cases in Medical Law. Abingdon: Routledge.
  • Pickles, Camilla (2017). Pregnancy Law in South Africa: Between Reproductive Autonomy and Foetal Interests. Juta.
  • Van Leeuwen, Barend (2017). European Standardisation of Services and its Impact on Private Law: Paradoxes of Convergence. London: Hart Publishing.
  • Baker, Aaron, Smith, Ian & Warnock, Owen (2017). Smith & Wood's Employment Law. OUP.
  • Maehle, Andreas-Holger (2016). Contesting Medical Confidentiality: Origins of the Debate in the United States, Britain, and Germany. Chicago, London: University of Chicago Press.
  • Brooks, Thom (2016). Becoming British: UK Citizenship Examined. London: Biteback Publishing.
  • Halliday, Samantha (2016). Autonomy and Pregnancy: A Comparative Analysis of Compelled Obstetric Intervention. Routledge.
  • Brazier, Margaret & Cave, Emma (2016). Medicine, Patients and the Law. Manchester University Press.
  • James, Simon P. (2015). Environmental Philosophy: An Introduction. Cambridge: Polity Press.
  • Schrecker, T. & Bambra, C. (2015). How politics makes us sick: Neoliberal epidemics. Palgrave Macmillan.

Books edited

  • Minnerop, Petra , Wolfrum, Ruediger & Lachenmann, Frauke (2019). Internal Development Law. Oxford University Press.

Book chapters

  • Song, Robert (2020). Desiring machines: The sexbot paradox. In Love, Technology and Theology. Midson, Scott A. London: T&T Clark. 77-92.
  • Begon, Jessica (2020). Disability, Rationality, and Justice: Disambiguating Adaptive Preferences. In The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Disability. Wasserman, David T. & Cureton, Adam Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Beyleveld, Deryck & Brownsword, Roger (2020). Is There Really Anything Wrong With an Absolute Principle? In Modern German Non-Positivism – From Radbruch to Alexy. Borowski, Martin Mohr Siebeck. 279-292.
  • Van Leeuwen, Barend (2020). The Impact of the Legitimacy of European Standards on Their Application in Private Law: a Case Study on Professional Standards in the Medical Sector. In The Legitimacy of Standardisation as a Regulatory Technique. Eliantonio, Mariolina & Cauffman, Caroline Edward Elgar Publishing. 110-130.
  • Kong QJ & Du M (2020). Is the 'Belt and Road' Initiative the Chinese Vision of Global Governance? In A Legal Analysis of the Belt & Road Initiative: Towards a New Silk Road?. M Giuseppe & XY Wu Palgrave. 5-20.
  • Thom, Betsy, Herring, Rachel & Milne, Emma (2020). Drinking in Pregnancy: Shifting Towards the ‘Precautionary Principle’. In Risk and Substance Use: Framing Dangerous People and Dangerous Places. MacGregor, Susanne & Thom, Betsy London: Routledge. 66-87.
  • Horn, Claire & Romanis, Elizabeth Chloe (2020). Establishing Boundaries for Speculation About Artificial Wombs, Ectogenesis, Gender, and the Gestating Body. In A Jurisprudence of the Body. Dietz, Chris, Travis, Mitchell & Thomson, Michael Palgrave. 227-254.
  • Minnerop, Petra (2020). The Legal Effect of the ‘Paris Rulebook’ under the Doctrine of Treaty Interpretation. In Global Energy in Transition: Towards rules-based multilateral governance of generation, markets and investment. Cameron, Peter Mu, Xiaoyi & Roeben, Volker
  • Simpson, Bob (2019). Managing the pious cadaver: Whole body donation and Anatomy in Sri Lanka. In Residues of Death: Disposal Refigured. Van Ryn, Luke, Nansen, Bjorn, Gibbs, Martin & Kohn, Tamara Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.
  • Minnerop, Petra & Roht-Ariaza, Naomi (2019). Solidarity Rights in Development, Peace, Environment and Humanitarian Assistance. In International Law of Development. Minnerop, Petra, Wolfrum, Ruediger & Lachenmann, Frauke Oxford University Press. 3: 825-837 (and online

Journal articles

  • Romanis, Elizabeth Chloe & Parsons, Jordan A (2020). Legal and policy responses to the delivery of abortion care during COVID‐19. International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics 151(3): 479-486.
  • Jamie, Kimberly, O'Neill, Roisin, Bows, Hannah & Hackshaw-McGeagh, Lucy (2020). Healthcare Practitioner Relationships, Cultural Health Capital and Breastfeeding Support for Adolescent Mothers. Health Education Journal 79(8): 901-913.
  • Devaney, Sarah, Miola, Jose, Cave, Emma, Purshouse, Craig & Heywood, Rob (2020). Healthcare professional standards in pandemic conditions: The duty to obtain consent to treatment. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry
  • Hockin-Boyers, H.Jamie, K. & Pope, S. (2020). Moving Beyond the Image: Theorising 'Extreme' Female Bodies. Women's Studies International Forum 83: 102416.
  • Romanis, Elizabeth Chloe & Nelson, Anna (2020). Maternal request caesareans and COVID-19: the virus does not diminish the importance of choice in childbirth. Journal of Medical Ethics 46(11): 726-731.
  • Jamie, K., Hackshaw-McGeagh, L., Bows, H. & O'Neill, R. (2020). "I just don't think it's that natural": Adolescent mothers' constructions of breastfeeding as deviant. Sociology of Health & Illness 42(7): 1689-1708.
  • Brooks, Thom (2020). Collective Responsibility for Severe Poverty. Global Policy 11(4): 486-491.
  • Lucy, W (2020). Access to Justice and the Rule of Law. Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 40(2): 377-402.
  • Van Leeuwen, Barend (2020). Free Movement of Life? The Interaction Between the Best Interests Test and the Right to Freely Receive Services in Tafida Raqeeb. Public Law 398-408.
  • Cave, Emma & Milo, Caterina (2020). Informing Patients: The Bolam Legacy. Medical Law International 20(2): 103-130.
  • Woodbury-Smith, Kara (2020). The Nature of Law and Potential Coercion. Ratio Juris 33(2): 223-240.
  • Cave, Emma (2020). COVID-19 super-spreaders: definitional quandaries and implications. Asian Bioethics Review 12(2): 235–242.
  • Musilek, K.Jamie, K. & McKie, L. (2020). Cold winds and warm attachments: Interrogating the personal attachment to neoliberal work and economy. Work, Employment & Society 34(3): 514-525.
  • Olivia Woolley (2020). What Would Ecological Climate Change Law Look Like?: Developing a Method for Analysing the International Climate Change Regime from an Ecological Perspective. Review of European, Comparative and International Environmental Law (RECIEL) 29(1): 76-85.
  • Cave, Emma & Purshouse, Craig (2020). Think of the Children: Liability for Non-disclosure of Information Post-Montgomery. Medical Law Review 28(2): 270-292.