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Dr Samantha HallidayAssociate Professor in Biolaw
Professor Shaun PattinsonProfessor of Medical Law and Ethics

Deputy Convenors

Mr Jordan BuckPhD candidate
Miss Yuxin LiPhD candidate
Mr Surasing PhukhaePhD candidate
Miss Yuxiao WangPhD candidate


Dr Mike AdcockAssistant Professor in Intellectual Property Law
Dr Jessica BegonAssistant Professor in Political Theory
Prof Gillian BentleyProfessor
Professor Deryck BeyleveldProfessor of Law and Bioethics
Dr Kim BouwerAssistant Professor in Law
Professor Emma CaveProfessor of Healthcare Law
Dr Benedict DouglasAssistant Professor in Law
Professor Ming DuProfessor in Chinese Law
Professor Matthew Daniel EddyProfessor in the History and Philosophy of Science
Dr Maizatul FarisahVisiting Scholar
Professor Richard GoldbergProfessor of Law
Professor Simon P. JamesProfessor of Philosophy
Dr Kimberly JamieAssociate Professor in Sociology
Prof Vanessa KindHonorary Professor of Education
Dr David LawrenceAssistant Professor in Biolaw
Dr Dafni LimaAssistant Professor
Professor William LucyProfessor of Law
Professor Holger MaehleProfessor of History of Medicine and Medical Ethics
Professor Petra MinneropProfessor of International Law
Dr Matthew NicholsonAssociate Professor in International Law
Dr Camilla PicklesAssociate Professor in Biolaw
Dr Katherine PuddifootAssociate Professor in Philosophy
Dr Rozemarijn Roland HolstAssistant Professor in International Environmental Law
Dr Elizabeth Chloe RomanisAssociate Professor in Biolaw
Professor Richard ScothonProfessor in Practice (Health)
Professor Bob SimpsonEmeritus Professor
Professor Robert SongProfessor of Theological Ethics
Dr Barend van LeeuwenAssociate Professor in EU Law
Professor Robin WilliamsEmeritus Professor
Dr Kara Woodbury-SmithAssistant Professor in Legal Theory
Dr Olivia WoolleyAssociate Professor in Biolaw
Dr Benjamin YongAssociate Professor in Public Law and Human Rights

Research Student Members

Gianluca AndresaniPhD candidate
Miss Eleanor DroverPhD candidate
Mr Benjamin HallPhD candidate
Miss Naomi Madeleine Harland-SmithPhD candidate
Ms Rachel JenkinsPhD candidate
Miss Lauren MccaugheyMJur candidate
Miss Francesca MesureMJur candidate
Mrs Oluseyi OlayanjuPhD candidate
Mr Kristiyan StoyanovPhD candidate
Dr Nicholas SummertonPhD candidate
Miss Scarlett SwainPhD candidate
Ms Ying YePhD candidate