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Research Briefings

Working Paper: A national survey of teacher views of their jobs and profession: The role of ethnicity

Working Paper: What are the key predictors of international teacher shortages?

Final Report on British Academy GCRF Project on assessing children's learning outcomes in India and Pakistan

Does school matter for early childhood education? Assessing cognitive and wider development of children in the 
Province of Punjab, Pakistan and State of Gujarat, India

Working Paper: Ethnic proportionality of teachers and students, and the link to school-level outcomes

This paper uses school-level school workforce and pupil attainment data to assess this link. Stephen Gorard, Nadia Siddiqui, Beng Huat See, Antonina Tereschenko, and Feyisa Demie are Co-Investigators  of ESRC funded project on  Investigating the recruitment and retention of ethnic minority teachers, and its relationship to school outcomes

Working Paper: What Works in Attracting and Keeping Teachers

This new working paper from Beng Huat See, Rebecca Morris, Stephen Gorard, Nada El-Soufi, Sophia Abdi and Binwei Lu details a review of the best current evidence on what works in attracting and keeping teachers in the profession. You can read the paper here:

Teachers' Workload and Wellbeing During COVID-19

The second report in our series which looks at teachers' responses to the coronavirus pandemic is now available. This report considers teachers' workload, wellbeing and the use of educational technology.

Write Across Project Evaluation Report

Recently, we acted as the independent evaluator of the Write Across project. Write Across aims to improve writing outcomes for children across the transition from primary to secondary education by supporting teachers to develop their pedagogical and subject knowledge and for children to develop the self-regulation and metacognition skills needed to be effective writers.

New Reports on Teachers' Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Dr Beng Huat See has been working in collaboration with Schoolszone to conduct surveys to find out more about teachers' response to the current coronavirus pandemic. We can now share the first in a series of reports with findings from these survey, which looks at whether teachers feel safe to return to work.

Who Wants to be a Teacher?

As part of a current ESRC funded project into teacher shortages, we have surveyed undergraduates at universities in England to find out more about who wants to be a teacher. Prof Stephen Gorard, Dr Ourania Ventista, Dr Rebecca Morris and Dr Beng Huat See discuss their findings in this working paper

Evaluation of National Literacy Trust's Literacy for Life Programme

Our new evaluation of the National Literacy Trust's Literacy for Life programme by Dr Beng Huat See, Prof Stephen Gorard, Dr Rebecca Morris and Dr Nadia Siddiqui is now available.

Research Briefings on Pupil Premium and Teacher Supply

To mark this year's Evidence Week, we are releasing new research briefings on Pupil Premium and teacher supply. Our Pupil Premium paper looks at how we can find evidence on the impact of the Pupil Premium policy, which was introduced in England in 2010. On teacher supply, we consider how we can attract and retain teachers in hard to staff areas.

Using Contextualised Admissions to Widen Access to Higher Education: A Guide to the Evidence Base

Our first research briefing from Professor Vikki Boliver, Professor Stephen Gorard and Dr Nadia Siddiqui explores the issue of widening access to Higher Education. The briefing offers recommendations to HE providers on how contextualised admissions could work as a policy for widening participation.