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Research Themes

Find out more about our Research Themes by clicking on the boxes below.

Helping School Attainment

Educational systems all over the world want to improve the educational attainment of their populations.
Children painting in an art class

Tackling Disadvantage

Our research has provided evidence that has informed policies for tackling disadvantaged communities.
A torn piece of paper with Dis Advantage written on it

Non-Cognitive Outcomes

We have produced evidence on a number of popular interventions in which educational outcomes were targeted through tackling non-cognitive constructs.
Two children shaking hands

Widening Participation

Widening participation in post-compulsory education, tackling social exclusion and lifelong learning have long been a concern of UK governments.
Paper cutouts of a diverse selection of children

Improving Research

This is an important theme. At DECE, we take the quality and trustworthiness of research very seriously.
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Evidence Into Practice

We are devising and developing techniques to engineer trustworthy research results into usable formats.
A classroom full of children holding their hands up to answer a question

International Challenges

We have conducted projects in developing countries and provided evidence on challenges such as poverty.
Raised hands painted in the colours of flags from around the world