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About Us

Since 1989, IBRU has led training, consultancy, research, and public outreach programmes to educate representatives of all nations in understanding the potential for peaceful resolution of boundary disputes and border management issues.

As a university-based centre, unaffiliated with any government authority, IBRU is able to maintain neutrality, even in the most politically charged environments. Our professional training workshops, cartographic resources, and research services are valued worldwide by government officials, attorneys, scholars, students, journalists, and others committed to understanding border issues. For more about us, please view the IBRU introductory video.
Find out more: IBRU introductory video
IBRU history

Our History

For three decades, IBRU has contributed to the border studies and boundary management communities. IBRU’s history from its founding in 1989 is recounted by Professor Phil Steinberg, with contributions from Professor Martin Pratt and Professor Gerald Blake.

IBRU’s first 30 years

Our People

IBRU joins resources from Durham University’s Department of Geography and its School of Law to deliver world-class research and training.

Meet our people

IBRU Introductory Video: Borders Research in a Shifting Landscape

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