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Project team

Emeritus Professor David S. Byrne

(Case Study: Reconfiguring local health economies: Evidence, policy, practice and participation.) David Byrne is an Emeritus Professor in the Durham University, School of Applied Social Sciences and a Fellow of the Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing.


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Dr Louise Caffrey

Assistant Professor in Social Policy at Trinity College Dublin. Expertise in systems approaches, realist evaluation and safety and policy implementation in ‘complex’ systems, particularly child welfare and health systems.


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Professor Nancy Cartwright - K4U Principal Investigator

Professor of Philosophy, Durham and University of California in San Diego: Specialist in philosophy and methodology of natural and social science, especially causal inference, modelling and evidence.


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Jeremy Clarke (Case study: Mental health in the EU: Providing ‘objective’ evidence for mental health policies.) Psychotherapy, UK National Health Service and research associate, CHESS, Durham; adviser to the UK government on evaluating the effectiveness of psychological therapy services.

Nicola Craigs

Administrator/Outreach Officer (Knowledge for Use: K4U). Nicola joined K4U at the start of the project. She also works as the Administrator for the CHESS Research Centre. Nicola started working for Durham University in 2008 in her previous role as College Secretary at Josephine Butler College. Previous employment experience is within HR and she has a HND in Personnel Management.


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Dr Andrew Fletcher

Andrew currently works on three of the K4U case studies: mental health, occupational health and health economies, with a focus on policy deliberation and design. He has completed the Durham University Learning and Teaching Award and leads seminars on the module ‘Social Policy: principles and current issues’. More broadly, he is particularly interested in the meanings of wellbeing and culture within health and social care policy contexts.


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Dr Katherine Furman Katherine joined K4U from the LSE Philosophy Department, where she submitted her PhD thesis on South African AIDS Denialism. Prior to this, she worked in South African health policy. She holds an MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy (LSE), an MA in Political and International Studies (Rhodes), a BA Honours in Philosophy and International Relations (Rhodes) and a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Law (Rhodes). She is interested in Philosophy of Science, Ethics, and Epistemology in the context of Health Policy development.
Jeremy Hardie CBE

(Research stream 2: Deliberating policy.) Research associate, CPNSS, LSE; former Chair of WH Smith, Loch Fyne Restaurants and the Centre for Economic Policy Research.


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Mr Adrian Harris

Administrator/Outreach Officer (Knowledge for Use: K4U). Adrian joined K4U in February 2016. He has worked at the University since 2014 and previously worked in project management and IT.


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Dr Greg Lusk

Greg Lusk is Assistant Professor in Lyman Briggs College and the Department of Philosophy at Michigan State University. He is investigating the methodology of extreme weather attribution and its use in climate-related decision-making. More broadly, Greg's research in philosophy of science focuses on the epistemology of computer simulations and measurements, as well as the role values play in scientific reasoning.


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Professor Linda McKie (Case study: Occupational health, work, and wellbeing: time and space dimensions to policy over the life course.) Dean and Head of School for the School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Edinburgh; specialist in the sociologies of health and illness, gender and work.
Professor Anna Marmodoro

Anna holds the Chair of Metaphysics at the University of Durham. Previously, she was at the University of Oxford, where she was an Official Fellow of Corpus Christi College.


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Dr Eleonora Montuschi (Research stream 2: Deliberating policy.) Associate Professor of Philosophy, Univ of Venice, Ca’ Foscari and research associate, CPNSS, LSE; philosopher of social science, expert on objectivity and evidence.
Professor Eileen Munro (Case study: UK child welfare: Understanding the underlying system.) Professor of Social Policy, LSE; a background in both philosophy and social work. Her research has focused on reasoning skills in child protection, with a growing interest in how organisational cultures help or hinder good quality reasoning. Using research findings to inform reasoning has led her to the problems that this project is addressing. Author of the UK's 2011 Munro Review of Child Protection.
Tamlyn Munslow (PhD Student) Tamlyn holds a BA in Geography from the University of Leeds and an MSc in International Development from the University of Manchester, subsequently working in impact evaluation on a Department for International Development funded grant. Her research interest is in the system and measurement of evidence-based policymaking. Interested in whether evidence-based intervention and evaluation in fact harm the pursuit of knowledge for equitable policymaking.
Dr Wendy Parker (Case Study: Climate Services: Taking values seriously.) Reader, Philosophy, Durham; expert on evidence and modelling, especially climate modeling.
John Pemberton

Research associate, CPNSS, LSE. Research focus includes causation, mechanisms, structures and laws, especially with reference to finance and economics.


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Professor Julian Reiss

(Research stream 1: Building Social Policy.) Julian is Professor of Philosophy at Johannes Kepler University Linz, Head of the Institute for Philosophy and Scientific Method, and a past president of the International Network for Economic Method (INEM). He has a degree in economics and finance from the University of St Gallen and a PhD in philosophy from the London School of Economics. His research focuses on methodological problems in the economic, social, and biomedical sciences and issues in political economy. Currently he is working on the role of scientific experts in democracies and the implications of pluralism about values for socio-economic institutions. He has an adjacent interest in the interrelations between scientific, socio-economic, and political institutions. He is the author of Error in Economics: Towards a More Evidence-Based Methodology (2008), Philosophy of Economics: A Contemporary Introduction (2013).


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Dr Hakan Seckinelgin (Case study: International HIV-AIDS policies: Reflecting the experiences, needs, and values of intended beneficiaries.) Associate Professor of Social Policy, LSE; expert in international HIV-AIDS policies and using local knowledge as evidence.
Dr Myfanwy Williams Miffy joined the K4U team in summer 2019, to work on synthesising the philosophical themes developed across the project. She also holds a post at the University of Liverpool, where she is a Research Associate for Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth, working with the World Health Organisation to analyse and collate evidence for international guidelines in maternal and perinatal health. She has a PhD in Philosophy of Psychiatry (University of Manchester), an MA on Social and Ethical in Genetics (Lancaster), and a BA (Hons) in Philosophy (Cambridge). Alongside her research interests in evidence-based policy, bioethics, and explanation in mental health, she also has long-standing experience in doing philosophy with children and young people.
Richard Williams (PhD Student) Richard holds a BA in Philosophy from the University of Sheffield and an MA in Philosophy from the University of Durham. His research interest is in taking objectivity seriously within democratic deliberation. Interested in whether the threat of ‘rent-seeking’ significantly harms the pursuit of objectivity within deliberation.


Professor John Dupre

Philosopher of Biology, Exeter University. Director of Egenis, the Centre for the Study of Life Sciences at Exeter.


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Professor Elliot Stern Expertise in Evaluation and International Development.


Ethics Officer

Professor Mary Kaldor CBE (K4U Ethics Advisor.) Professor of Global Governance, LSE. Expertise in Civil Society and Human Security Research.


Project Associates

Professor James Copestake James Copestake is professor of international development at the University of Bath. In addition to recent work on the Qualitative Impact Protocol (see his recent research has addressed contested perceptions of wellbeing in Peru, financial inclusion and microfinance in India, the relationship between social policy and development studies, and use of challenge funds in aid management.
Dr Inkeri Koskinen

Inkeri is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki. In her current project she focuses on objectivity in the context of the democratisation of scientific knowledge production. Her other interests include the philosophy of the humanities, values in science, and demarcation. 


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Dr Alfred Moore

Alfred Moore is a lecturer in political theory at the University of York. He has taught philosophy at University College Cork, and was a Marie Curie Research Fellow at the University of British Columbia, and a Democracy Fellow at the Ash Center at Harvard University in 2012. Until 2017 he was a research fellow at Cambridge University. His work has focused on the problem of expertise in democratic theory, which was the subject of the Marie Curie fellowship and his recent book: Critical Elitism: Deliberation, Democracy, and the Politics of Expertise (2017, Cambridge University Press).


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Professor Michael O'Rourke

Michael is Professor of Philosophy and faculty in AgBioResearch and Environmental Science & Policy at Michigan State University. His research interests include epistemology, communication and epistemic integration in collaborative, cross-disciplinary research, and linguistic communication among intelligent agents. He is Interim Director of the MSU Center for Interdisciplinarity and Director of the Toolbox Dialogue Initiative, an NSF-sponsored research initiative that investigates philosophical approaches to facilitating interdisciplinary research.

Dr Menno Rol

Menno Rol studied economics and philosophy and teaches philosophy of social science and sociology at the University of Groningen, at the department of sociology as well as at the University College Groningen. He has held teaching positions at VU-University Amsterdam, and Twente University in Enschede. In 2016 he was visiting professor at the Universidad Veracruzana in Jalapa, Mexico. Nancy Cartwright made part of the exam commission of his dissertation ‘Conceptual progress in economics’. His current research deals with the often difficult relationship between socio-economic theory and policy practice. Related interests concern conceptual unification in science, the role of abstraction, policy evaluation and tearing disciplinary boundaries loose. In the background there is an everlasting interest in the use and abuse of the infamous ceteris paribus clause.


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Professor Alison Wylie

Professor of Philosophy, University of British Columbia. A philosopher of the social and historical sciences, her primary interest is in understanding how we know what we (think) we know, especially in archaeology and feminist social science. She has also published widely on feminist standpoint theory and is working on normative issues raised by an ethic of stewardship and collaborative practice in archaeology. 


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