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Case Studies

Case studies have been selected (1) to treat policy areas facing troubles of the kind K4U addresses and (2) to cross-fertilise with the two broad research streams and with each other, with conceptual and methodological advances in one feeding into those of others. Following this Popperian approach, these provide the real tests – and the real sources of data – for results in the philosophy of practice. So it is important that (3) they cross a broad spectrum: local and international, physical and mental wellbeing, children and adults, structural and individual change. K4U will also (4) focus on areas where it can provide genuine transformative value on societal challenges by virtue of the special expertise of the research group involved in the project and of the current state of work available, and (5) to address specific problem areas for the humanities and social sciences that Horizon 2020 sees as ‘complex and multi-faceted and need to be thought across disciplines’, notably ‘climate change’ and ‘public health’.

There are a total of six case studies that link across the disciplines and institutions involved in this research.

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UK Child Welfare

Understanding the underlying system.
Child hugging mother

International HIV-AIDS Policies

Reflecting the experiences, needs, and values of intended beneficiaries.
The word Policy written in lettered cubes

Mental Health in the EU

Providing ‘objective’ evidence for mental health policies.
Image of a head

Reconfiguring Local Health Economies

Evidence, policy, practice, and participation.
Doctor is in a home visit to a senior man and takes him sample for corona virus testing

Occupational Health, Work, and Wellbeing

Time and space dimensions to policy over the life course.
Student working on a laptop

Climate Services

Taking values seriously.
Solar panels