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5 November 2022 - 5 November 2022

11:00AM - 1:30PM

Blackfriars Banquet Hall, Blackfriars Restaurant, Newcastle upon Tyne

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Dr Amanda Herbert (Durham University) will give our 20th Public Lecture on Medieval Food, in Partnership with Blackfriars Restaurant in Newcastle.

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Imagine what Switzerland might be like without chocolate, Italy without tomatoes, or Ireland without potatoes. These are all the iconic European foods with wild origins in the Americas. Join us to explore the transformation of European diets as a result of Christopher Columbus' voyages to the New World. Our expert guide on the integration of medieval European and American food will be Dr Amanda Herbert, Assistant Professor (Early Modern Americas) in the Department of History at Durham University, and a member of IMEMS. We are delighted to welcome Dr Herbert for our 20th Public lecture; the lunch that follows will feature both later medieval dishes and early recipes for the new foodstuffs that arrived after Columbus.

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£35 per person (discount available for IMEMS members)