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Durham University IMEMS Press

Durham University IMEMS Press is a partnership between the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies (IMEMS) at Durham University and Boydell & Brewer Ltd. We publish a number of specialised series – details below.

General enquiries and formal proposals may be directed to

General Editor: Professor Stephen Taylor, Durham University, UK

Commissioning Editor: Dr Elizabeth McDonald, Boydell & Brewer Ltd

General Editorial Board:

Steve Hindle (Washington University, USA), Neil Kenny (University of Oxford, UK), Fiona Robertson (Durham University, UK), Sarah Semple (Durham University, UK), Liz Waller (Durham University Library, UK), Corinne Saunders (Durham University, UK)

Our Series

Click on the title of the series you are interested in publishing with for more information. You are encouraged to discuss your proposal informally with the relevant series editor(s) in advance of submission.

Catholicisms, c.1450–c.1800

Focussing on Catholicism as it grew to become a global movement.
An old religious open book

Ideas and Practices, 1300–1850

Looking at the era in which long-familiar ways of thinking about politics, religion, society and the natural world transformed fundamentally.
A library with a large staircase in the middle

Law, Peace, and Justice in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Bringing together work on ‘peace-keeping’ amongst medieval and early modern Europeans in the broadest sense.
Candles burning on an old oak table

Science in Culture, c. 350 – c. 1750

Focussing on the history and culture of science globally between c.350 and c.1750.
An illustration of an old studio with books, scientific instruments and a large skull

Studies in World Heritage

Informing and shaping debates among researchers and practitioners on professional standards and responsibilities around issues of World Heritage.
Durham Castle


Exploring pre-modern translation in all its guises.
Translatio logo with frame

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