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Slater Fellowship

Applications for the Slater Fellowship are currently closed. Please check back here for future calls or subscribe to our mailing list, via our homepage, to receive notifications.

The Slater Fellowship is provided by University College and offers the post holder full board and accommodation for one University term within the walls of Durham Castle, membership of University College’s Senior Common Room, and a small contribution towards travel expenses.

To be eligible for the post, applicants must hold a senior position at another University and have research interests that fall within the scope of IMEMS.

Current Fellow(s)


Professor Alexis TadiéAlexis Tadie

(24 April 2023 - 23 June 2023)

I have been Professor of Anglophone Literatures at Sorbonne University since 2008, and I am an Honorary Senior Research Fellow of the Institut Universitaire de France. My research has focused on quarrels and disputes in the early modern period, from a multidisciplinary perspective. I am interested in the encounters of English literature when it meets other disciplines such as philosophy or the history of ideas, when it travels to other parts of the world such as India or the Middle East, when it is confronted to social practices such as sports. I work in particular on the hesitations and repositionings that such encounters provoke. I am interested in studying philosophy in its own terms, having written monographs on Bacon and on Locke, as well as understanding the philosophical dimension of literary texts.

While at Durham, I will be working on the afterlives of Robinson Crusoe in eighteenth-century colonial and multilingual America. This work is part of a broader ongoing study of the relevance of Enlightenment concepts to the contemporary world, opening up the possibility of understanding the Enlightenment not so much as a fixed body of texts, but as a continuing project whose relevance is being redefined at different moments in time, for and by different audiences.

Previous Fellows

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Two cartoon figures of medieval and early modern characters

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