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Early Modern Keywords: Who are we?


Ita Mac Carthy (Italian, Durham) and Richard Scholar (French, Durham)


Contributors to date are listed below. Any other prospective contributors should contact the co-directors directly.

  • Alice Brooke (Hispanic Studies, Oxford)A group of people walking in a corridor
  • Colin Burrow (English, Oxford)
  • Emily Butterworth (French, KCL)
  • Rodrigo Cacho (Cambridge, Spanish)
  • Timothy Chesters (French, Cambridge)
  • Emma Claussen (French, Cambridge)
  • Kathy Eden (Classics and English, Columbia)
  • Vittoria Fallanca (French, Oxford) 
  • Raphaële Garrod (French, Oxford)
  • Guido Giglioni (Philosophy, Macerata)
  • David Hemsoll (Birmingham, History of Art)           
  • Katherine Ibbett (French, Oxford)                                               Visit to the Fondazione Cini, Venice
  • Neil Kenny (French, Oxford)
  • Sarah Knight (English, Leicester)
  • Dilwyn Knox (Italian and neo-Latin, UCL)
  • José Ramón Marcaida (History of Art, St Andrews)
  • Thibaut Maus de Rolley (French, UCL)
  • Alexander Marr (History of Art, Cambridge)
  • Michael Moriarty (French, Cambridge)
  • Kathryn Murphy (English, Oxford)
  • John O’Brien (French, Durham)
  • Jennifer Oliver (French, Oxford)
  • Richard Oosterhoff (History, Edinburgh)                                 
  • Simon Park (Portuguese, Oxford)                                           
  • Deana Rankin (English, RHUL)                                                
  • Martino Rossi Monti (Philosophy, Zagreb)
  • Marc Schachter (French, Durham)
  • Patricia Seed (History, Irvine)
  • Rachel Skokowski (French, Oxford)
  • Ben Thomas (History of Art, Kent)
  • Rowan Tomlinson (French, Bristol)
  • Anita Traninger (Romance Studies, Freie Universität Berlin)
  • Maude Vanhaelen (Italian and neo-Latin, Warwick)
  • Wes Williams (French, Oxford)