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7 December 2021 - 7 December 2021

5:30PM - 6:30PM

Online Webinar

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How do power and disability interact in the Church of England?

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This is the second webinar in the new Power in the Church of England series, organised by the Michael Ramsey Centre for Anglican Studies at Durham University and the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion at Lancaster University.

The webinar series will explore

  • the many forms of power that shape the life of the Church;
  • the ways in which these forms of power shape people’s experience in and around the Church;
  • the various accounts of power (theological and sociological, for instance) that circulate in and around the Church;
  • what it means for power to be exercised in healthy ways; and
  • the nature and impact of the misuse and abuse of power.

In this second webinar, Katie Tupling will speak about the relationship between power and disability in the Church of England. Katie is a disability advocate, co-founder of ‘Disability and Jesus’, and the Diocese of Oxford Disability Advisor.