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This webinar will be held on Tuesday 4 June 2024 at 7pm BST | 8pm CEST | 11am PDT | 2pm EDT.

“In my role at the ICMI, I’m often asked to explain what moral injury is in both casual and formal situations to people who are curious. Sometimes I seek a pop culture reference to try to get close - something or someone in film, television, or a narrative that I know will illustrate the point in some way.  

“In this webinar we will examine ways in which moral injury, while rarely if ever named as such, is present in television, film and popular culture.

“We will also look at the ways that those same media have become an increasingly rare public forum in which we debate our cultural norms, with attention to the ways in which film and television shows form, reflect and challenge our own common cultural values.” 

Alongside his role at the ICMI, Brian is the Vann Fellow of Christianity and the Armed Forces at Durham University. He currently leads a module on Faith and the Experience of War in the Christian World, and it includes an analysis of the way mainstream films portray war, combatants and moral injury. 

If you have seen moral injury depicted in film, television or pop culture - or would like to explore some examples and potentially add to your “to watch” list - this webinar is for you.

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