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CNCS Early Career Committee

CNCS’s Early Career Committee is made up of postdoctoral fellows and early career staff from a range of departments at Durham, Newcastle, and Northumbria universities. The committee hosts workshops, research conversations, and conferences throughout the year. It also organises an annual workshop for prospective applicants to postdoctoral fellowships at CNCS universities. Committee members are always glad to support and assist prospective applicants. For more information, please contact the postdoctoral committee lead, Roisín Laing (

The postdoctoral committee is pleased to support prospective applicants to postdoctoral fellowships at Durham, Newcastle, and Northumbria Universities. Please see here for information on current fellows’ expertise, and get in touch if you would like to discuss your application informally with any of us. In addition, the committee offers the following to prospective postdoctoral fellows:


Annual Workshop for Prospective Postdoctoral Fellows

The postdoctoral committee also organises an annual workshop for prospective applicants. Anyone considering applying to a postdoctoral fellowship at Durham, Newcastle, or Northumbria Universities, is invited to present their research to CNCS members, who will respond with questions or comments on how this research might contribute to CNCS and its partner institutions. This workshop is also an opportunity for prospective applicants to identify current CNCS members with whom they could go on to organise further, more focused events to be held either before they apply or once they arrive.

The CNCS postdoctoral committee invites prospective applicants to submit abstracts of research to be presented at this workshop. Please send abstracts to

Sample Applications

All current CNCS postdoctoral fellows have made their own applications available as a resource bank for prospective applicants. If you would like to view this bank, please contact 

Review Ongoing Applications

CNCS postdoctoral fellows are always happy to read and comment on draft applications by prospective applicants to postdoctoral fellowships at Durham, Newcastle, and Northumbria Universities on request. 

Early Career Community

CNCS offers an active, supportive early career community to scholars from postgraduate to early career stage working in nineteenth-century studies. Please join the CNCS mailing list to stay up-to-date with CNCS early career activities and events. Contact