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Durham’s research helps people all over the world to access ancient Greek and Latin literature.

Our Department of Classics and Ancient History has made freely available Diogenes and DiogenesWeb, open-source software providing digital access to the Classics.

Professor Peter Heslin is the developer of Diogenes, a desktop application, and DiogenesWeb, an app for phones and tablets.

The pathway to ancient literature

Diogenes combines access to the full range of classical literature with sophisticated search functionality. The user can also click on any word to get an instant analysis of its form along with the associated definitions.  

This means that people from all over the world, especially in developing countries where access to printed resources is limited, can access the totality of ancient literature along with integrated, authoritative dictionaries.

Diogenes is regularly used by secondary and undergraduate students globally alongside people with an interest in classical languages.  

The Diogenes desktop app is entirely self-contained and does not require an Internet connection for any of its functionality.

DiogenesWeb needs an Internet connection but does not require installing any software.

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