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Ahmed Saim Pehlivanli

Member of the Durham Law School


Ahmed is a full-time PhD Candidate at Durham Law School. He holds an LL.M. degree in International Commercial Law from City, University of London (distinction) and a Bachelor (LL.B) degree in law from Kirikkale University. Since becoming a member of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations and Ankara Bar as a lawyer, in 2016, he has been practising on Competition Law. He won a scholarship from the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey for his postgraduate studies abroad.

Current Research

Ahmed’s current PhD research is titled “Re-evaluating the Goals of EU Competition Law in Light of Digital Economy”. By analyzing the current understanding of EU competition law aims, considering the challenges induced by the rise of the digital economy, his research aims to enable the coexistence of different goals under a prioritization system in EU competition law.

Research interests

  • Abuse of a dominant position and mergers in digital economy
  • Competition law (EU/UK/TURKEY)
  • Competition law goals and policy
  • The mutual relationship between competition law and digital economy
  • US antitrust law