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Professor Dagou Zeze


FIET, SRF RAEng/Leverhulme Trust

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Professor in the Department of EngineeringE208 (Christopherson)+44 (0) 191 33 42531
Member of the Centre for Molecular and Nanoscale Electronics  


  • Professor of Nanotechnology & Microsystems
  • Director of Next Generation Materials & Microsystems Research Challenge;
  • Chair of the Durham University EU Liaison Group.
  • Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology
  • Fellow of the World Academy of Materials and Manufacturing Engineering.
  • Director of Postgraduate Studies: 2014-2017.
  • Senior Research Fellow - Royal Academy of Engineering/Leverhulme Trust: 2013-2014
  • BSc Physics (University of Abidjan, Ivory Coast: 1990).
  • MPhil & PhD in Electronics (Université of Clermont-Ferrand, France: 1996).
  • Postdoctoral research: University of Ulster (Thin amorphous carbon films: 2000
  • Postdoctoral research: University of Surrey (Microfabrication: 2003).

Professor of Nanotechnology & Microsystems within the Department of Engineering, Durham University, He has research interests in nanostructured materials, micro and nanofabrication, multifunction devices, i.e. the integration of nanomaterials (carbon nanotubes and semiconductor nanowires) in devices. He has contributed to seven European Framework programme FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects, representing more than €12.5 million. He is the scientific coordinator of three Marie Curie Actions international consortia on semiconductor nanowires, FUNPROB, NanoEmbrace and the current H2020 INDEED ITN, all of which involve significant international academic and industrial collaboration across Europe. He has also led several national and international research projects.

Further Details
Main Research Interest: Nanotechnology & Nanomaterials Devices
Current research themes
  • Integration of Nanostructured Materials in Device Fabrication
  • Nanofabrication & Microfabrication
  • Carbon nanotubes Smart Devices
  • Semiconductor nanowires
  • Multifunction devices

Other activities

  • Thin Films Technology
  • Organic Electronics
  • Liquid Handling Robotic System Design

Research interests

  • Nanomaterials device integration
  • Semiconductor nanowires
  • Nanotechnology
  • Electronics Research

Awarded Grants

  • 2012: NAnoSCale Engineering for Novel Computation using Evolution (NASCENCE)(£298453.33 from European Commission)

Esteem Indicators

  • 0000: External Degree Programme Examiner:
    • University of Exeter (2016-2020)
    • University of Bangor (2017-21)
  • 0000: Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology:
  • 0000: Fellow of the World Academy of Materials and Manufacturing Engineering (2015- ):
  • 0000: Senior Research Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering/The Leverhulme Trust (2013-14):


Chapter in book

  • Sundes Fakher, Adam Sleiman, A. Ayesh, A. Al-Ghaferi, M.C. Petty, D. Zeze & Mohammed Mabrook (2017). Organic Floating-Gate Memory Structures. In Emerging Materials and Structures. Panagiotis Dimitrakis Springer. 2: 123-156.
  • Sleiman, A., Mabrook, M.F., Sayers, P.W. & Zeze, D.A. (2015). CNT-based two terminal organic nonvolatile memory devices. In Handbook of Flexible Organic Electronics: Materials, Manufacturing and Applications. Logothetidis, S. Woodhead Publishing Series. 413-428.
  • Mabrook, MF, Kolb, D, Pearson, C, Zeze, DA & Petty, MC (2009). Fabrication and Characterisation of MIS Organic Memory Devices. In Smart Materials & Micro/Nanosystems. Pietro Vincenzini, P. & D'Arrigo, G. 54: 474-479.

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