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Professor Jonathan Long


BA Oxon, MA, PhD Nottingham

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Professor in the School of Modern Languages and CulturesA37, Elvet Riverside I+44 (0) 191 33 42453
Co-Director in the Centre for Visual Arts and Culture +44 (0) 191 33 43426
Member of the Durham Centre for Advanced Photography Studies 


Jonathan Long has published extensively on twentieth-century German and Austrian literature, including acclaimed monographs on Thomas Bernhard and W. G. Sebald, and articles on Bertolt Brecht, Wolfgang Hildesheimer, Monika Maron, Gerhard Fritsch, Hans Lebert, Dieter Kühn, and others. In 2005 he was awarded a £50,000 Philip Leverhulme Prize in recognition of international research achievement and the Max Kade Prize for Best Article in Modern Austrian Literature. He was a founder member of the Durham Centre for Advanced Photography Studies, and is co-director of the Centre for Visual Arts and Culture (

His current research focuses on three main areas. The first is the photographic book in the Weimar Republic. The profound social and political upheavals of Weimar are well-documented, as is the response to these upheavals in the cultural sphere. The photographic book, made possible in part by technical improvements in printing and image reproduction, was a significant cultural form by means of which Weimar photographers, artists, writers, and editors sought to address the problems facing Weimar society. While many producers of photographic books are canonical figures in Weimar cultural history (Moholy-Nagy, Kurt Tucholksy, Ernst Jünger, Albert Renger-Patzsch, Erich Mendelssohn, and August Sander, to name just a few), the genre has itself received little scholarly attention, but provides uniquely illuminating insights into the culture and politics of inter-war Germany.

The second, linked to the above, is an investigation of acceleration as a social phenomenon, with particular reference to the visual culture of the Weimar Republic.

The third is German literature and photography from Peter Altenberg to the present. Looking at writers who have not merely thematised photography but have incorporated it physically into their work, the project seeks to read a series of works by writers such as Tucholsky, Jünger, Brecht, Kluge, and Maron as responses to the changing social function of photography over the course of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries.

After a three-year secondment as Deputy Head of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities for postgraduates (2010-13) Jonathan took up the position of Consortium Director of the Northern Bridge Doctoral Training Partnership ( This is an AHRC-funded doctoral training consortium with the University of Newcastle and Queen's University Belfast.

Jonathan invites inquiries from prospective postgraduates seeking to study the following fields:

Photography since 1900

German and Austrian literature since 1945

Photography history and theory

Literary theory

Cultural responses to social acceleration

Conferences Organised


March 2013: Faster than Light? (with Anne Fuchs). Interdisciplinary conference on Acceleration and Modernity, University of Warwick

January 2013: Doing Phhotography (with Andrea Noble). International Conference at Durham University

June 2011: Weimar Photography. One-day symposium at Durham University.

September 2009: Humanising Photography (with Andrea Noble and Edward Welch). International Conference at Durham University.

June 2007: Locating Photography: Between the Regional, the National, and the Global (with Andrea Noble and Edward Welch). International Conference at Durham University.

July 2005: Thinking Photography - Again (with Andrea Noble and Edward Welch). International Conference at University of Durham.

March 2004: Photography and Conflict (with Andrea Noble and Edward Welch). Workshop at the University of Durham.

July 2002: Fakes and Forgeries, Conmen and Counterfeits (with Peter Knight, University of Manchester). Interdisciplinary conference at Durham Castle

Research interests

  • Twentieth-century German literature
  • Writers and photography
  • Literary theory
  • Theory of photography and visual culture
  • Photography in the Weimar Republic

Esteem Indicators

  • 2017: Member of Selection Committee, Banting Postdoctoral Research Fellowsips, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada:
  • 2014: External assessor for Austrian Science Foundation :
  • 2014: Member of the Doctoral Awards Committee, Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada :
  • 2011: Member of Editorial Board of Modern Austrian Literature (US), 2008-11:
  • 2010: External assessor for research grants, Centre for Advanced Study, University of Oslo :
  • 0000: Assessor for Government of Ireland Doctoral and Postdoctoral Fellowships:
  • 0000: External assessor for o periodic review of MA in Cultural Memory, Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies :
  • 0000: Member of AHRC Panel D:
  • 0000: Member of the AHRC Peer Review College:
  • 0000: Member of the European Science Foundation peer review body:


Authored book

Chapter in book

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Edited book

  • Long, J. J. & Fuchs, Anne (2015). Time in German Literature and Culture 1900-2015: Between Acceleration and Slowness. Palgrave Studies in Modern European Literature. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
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Edited Journal

  • Long, Jonathan J., Musolff, Andreas, Manz, Stefan & Saric, Liljiana (2004). Discourses of Identity in Britain, Germany and Eastern Europe. 5&6 Multilingual Matters.

Journal Article

Translated Chapter in Book

  • Long, Jonathan J. (trans.) (1998). Ujma, Christina, 'Der Stille und der schwärmende Ton: Notes on Block and Brecht in the Twenties and Thirties (Der Stille und der schwärmende Ton.)'. In Bertold Brecht Centenary Essays. Giles, Steve & Livingstone, Rodney (ed.). Amsterdam: Rodopi.